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Experience the power of collaboration, creativity, and community at our popular event, Vibe Working. Join like-minded individuals on a journey of personal growth and collective success. Together, we create an environment where dreams flourish and new possibilities arise.


At Vibe Working, we go beyond being a regular networking event. In addition to fostering connections and collaboration we provide content creation services tailored to your brand's marketing needs. Whether you want to set up shop or have video and photo content created, we have you covered.

Set up Shop: Showcase your products and services at our event. Connect directly with attendees, make sales on-site, and expand your customer base.



Video and Photo Content Creation: Our skilled photographers and videographers capture high-quality visuals for your brand. From product photos to promotional videos, we bring your vision to life.

Combine networking with content creation at Vibe Working. Connect with like-minded individuals, showcase your brand, and leave with captivating visual content that elevates your marketing efforts.


Sign up now for our upcoming networking event and get ready to make meaningful connections that can transform your future.

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  • Rochelle Williams

    Good morning & Happy Friday ! This was my first time being a vendor since starting my business in 2020 and I must say I truly enjoyed it. I'm more on the introvert side so coming into this I was pretty nervous and not knowing to expect. But the environment was so warm and welcoming. A few of the other vendors I met and interacted with were so nice along with all the people who came out to support the event. It's beautiful being in a space where you feel comfortable sharing your passion and hard work with others. I truly enjoyed working with you and I'm so thankful for the opportunity. I look forward to working with Freshmen in the future!
    Thank you again! RMK
  • Chocolate Factory Lashes

    Freshmen Vol 7 was amazing! I had so much fun and met some great people. I was extremely impressed with the outcome and appreciated the opportunity I had to promote my brand to lots of new people which was amazing. To the freshmen team, you all should be very proud of yourself for putting together multiple successful events and continuously being able to bring out so many amazing successful brands as well as black owned brands who support us.
  • Hot Like Mari

    " The product shots were beautifully done. The vision for the shots was perfectly captured. Each shot was soooo clean and I appreciated how simple yet strong each shot was! The commercial / video clip of my products blew my mind! The creativity of it - the editing, the shots, the actions that displayed the products in the video - everything was so crisp and shot with intention." - Hot Like Mari

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Brands We Worked With

Here are some amazing brands that took part in our Vibe Working: