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Looking to expand your business?

Our Vibe Working services are here to provide a creative expansion for the vibe of your business. Our team of content creators provide models, clothing, set, props, photo and video content with no hourly rates, and promote the finished product on our very own Freshmen Instagram channel.  



All packages will include models, set, no hourly rate.

1. Photography 

15 edited photos, 7 days marketing on Freshmen IG channel,

Tag in  photos, If product is approved by Facebook shop, product will be tagged with a direct link to shop product on client site

2. Videography

1:00 min video edited with name of product, logo, description of product details (selling features). Paid 7 days promotion for 7 days estimated reaching up to 12,000 -32,000 people on Instagram, tag in content

3. Photo/ Video 

Combination of both packages 

Our goal is to add our energy to the vibe of your brand by providing you with great quality media content that will save time & money. 


Expand your mental, expand your business by filling out the

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Let's connect, create, and expand! 

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